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BLENDED LEARNING … Creating effective leadership, teaching, curriculum, and instructional environments that connect administrators, students, and workforces.


Collaboration with purpose … Nontraditional Education Marketing, Branding, and Workforce Partnership Development for Student and School Success.

Providing education leaders, teachers and workforces additional resources to leverage higher order thinking activities around the teaching and learning processes.  This effect is presented in lesson design, PLC planning, instructional delivery and student data and organizational outcomes.


Presentations address the issue of conflicting agendas between nontraditional and mainstream programs. A high- performing program has a very clear purpose: high levels of learning for all students. We examine aligning blended learning agendas with the organization’s agenda, and what ALL parties must do to develop the synergy necessary to guarantee learning.

1) Shape a vision of academic success, 2) Create processes and standards in order that safety, a cooperative spirit and a foundational campus brand prevail, 3) Cultivate community leadership to assume their part in realizing the school vision, 4) Improve instruction to enable teachers to teach at their best and students to learn at their utmost.

Learn how to collaborate with purpose … Design Marketing, Branding, and Partnership Development strategies driven by researched-based data and focused on processes. Bottom-up strategies to foster your school's/ campus/organizations' core mission, values, vision, decision making, and resources that create a dynamic climate to meet the needs of your student / workforce population and curriculum needs.


Participate in hands-on activities that promotes effective instruction through blended learning strategic agendas. Improve overall student and workforce performance connecting project-based learning. Improve by high margins student and workforce attendance and behavior patterns. Enable all at-risk students to complete their high school diploma, prepare for college, and become quality workers and productive citizens.

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