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Maximizing Leadership Performance,

Productivity and Team Efficiency.

An assessment tool measuring leadership

competencies, behavior, and character.


Real and lasting personal and professional growth only happens when a person is authentically transformed from the “inside out.” The majority of Human Capital Solutions in the marketplace only supply short-term motivational fixes that do not develop the kinds of habits that create positive and sustainable change.  

  • A process for personal and professional transformation begins with having a better understanding of an individual’s core Character Competencies and primary Behavior Traits.

  • The MERIT Profile™ is a research-based, psychometric assessment tool that has been rigorously tested and validated.

  • Certified FAI MERIT Profile Advisors / Coaches / Trainers. 

  • Personalized reports summmarize results for coaching and personal development training. 

  • One-hour Personalized assessment analysis coaching session with assigned Certified FAI MERIT Profile Advisor / Coach / Trainer. 

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