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Sharon D. Deloach, Ed.D.
Managing Principal


Professional Development & Personal Coaching for pre- and in-service teachers, administrators, directors, supervisors, managers, organizations, and workforces. 

Professionals' Leadership Effectiveness Courses, Seminars, and workshops:

* Organizational Leadership

* Leadership Resilience in a Culture of Change   

* Business Communication Skills Training / Coaching

* Data Driven Decision Leadership   

* The Evaluation:  Measuring Personal & Professional Growth 

* Time & Resources Management

* Learning  Styles:  Analyze to Differentiate   

* Social  Emotional Learning:  EQ vs. IQ

* Effective Meetings:  5 Strategies of Engagement  

* Innovative Visionary:  Forced Field Analysis vs. SWOT

* Work-Life Balance:  The Seven F's ...


Innovative Culturally Relevant Instructional and Leadership

Training for your School, Organization, or Business.


Improving Education, Industry, and organization  Leadership for Traditionally Underrepresented and Disengaged Students and Workforces.

Our time with your team will be challenged to recommit to the opportunity they have everyday to be difference makers.


Professional Development Packages  and School Interventions can be customized for your needs …

Professional development and Leadership Coaching packages provide hands-on research-based activities as well as drive audience engagement, create massive energy and expressive dialogue that promotes a model for enhancing academic growth for a diverse generation of 21st century learners while also learning about the effectiveness of culturally relevant teaching and leadership.

Our training, coaching, seminar, workshop, conference, and convocation presentations provide analytics beyond the basics  of a model with proven results of improving organization, industry, education leadership for traditionally underrepresented and disengaged  students,  and workforce's. 

Specializations include  . . .

Pre & Post Personal Assessments

© Future Achievement International MERIT Profile

An Assessment Tool measuring leadership, character, and identifies current personal character competencies and 4 factors of  behavior traits.

  • Research-based results

  • Customized classroom and ELearning curriculum

  • Exposure to motivational and engagement strategies

  • Sample work documents:  Vision, growth, organizational, lesson plans

  • Guidance on determining the culture of your organization and schools

  • Disclosure of approaches for connecting culture and instruction and/or leadership strategies

  • Customized Professional / Personal Portfolio

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